About Us

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With over two decades of experience in chip tuning, diagnostic checks, performance remaps and ECU remapping in Manchester and Lancashire, plus dealers in other parts of the UK, Advanced Tuning is a renowned tuning house with a long-established reputation for quality.

We deliver results to our customers, whether they’re seeking improvements in starting, power delivery and economy.

Vehicle Remapping Service

Our expert technicians will come to wherever is convenient for you, covering many areas of the northwest and beyond. Our mobile tuning service even extends to many older vehicles that can’t be mobile remapped over the diagnostic socket, using specialist skills in replacing the existing ECU chips or remapping the ECU directly.

If your vehicle pre-dates the year 2000 and isn’t in our comprehensive list of models served, contact Advanced Tuning to see whether an ECU remap is possible.

Speak to a member of our team today by calling 01254 393700