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ECU Remapping Essex

Call 07595 023239

ECU Remapping Essex is a remapping service covering the whole of Essex. We can install your Custom remap at the best time and place to for you. Our experienced tuning technicians can undertake, at home or at work, any of the following;

ECU Remapping
DPF Removals
TDI Turbo Diesel remapping
Chip tuning
Pre-2000 car tuning (ring for more details)
Engine Remaps

Engine remapping usually takes between 1-2 hours with the very latest dealer level tools & diagnostics (we use the same programming tools that the main dealers use) and you’ll be able to test drive your vehicle. Immediately you will see the benefits. Improved performance and increased fuel efficiency.

Contact us on 07595 023239 or click on the vehicle icons to find your vehicle.