Mazda 6 DPF Delete Review

Mazda DPF Delete


Mazda 6 DPF Delete Review

Don’t normally do reviews but I had been struggling with this car for nearly the year when the DPF light first came on.

looking back I feel a real idiot looking for cheap fixes and wasting my money. The Mazda dealer took £450 off me for 3 forced regents in 6 months. I blew £100 on fuel DPF cleaning  additive and £500 and a 50 mile drive to some rogue backstreet garage that put a new filter in and it blocked up in 3 month and refused to help me after.  So over a grand later and the DPF problem was not solved and its almost wrecked my marriage, dont laugh its true.

I read a well known Mazda forum and realised these cars are well known for DPF problems and they are not easy to sort, but read a recommendation for advanced tuning DPF delete and called these guys 4 hours later the job was done and lifetime guarantee, all for less half the price of all the cheap bodges I wasted my money on before finding Advanced Tuning. Happy Chappy now.

No more DPF problems now at last, I need a holiday I’m exhausted

Cheers lads

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