Do you have a rolling road dyno?

Yes we do. It is essential for our research and development.

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No reputable tuning company we know of can work without one, its impossible. Even if like us we have the dyno at our R&D Center at head office to develop the maps. We always check the power is safe !

What is Safe Power ?
The simple answer is a worthwhile increase without sacrificig the lifespan on other engine parts. With modern engines its quite easy to increase the power over and above what the rest of the standard components can handle such as gearbox/clutch, turbo, intercooler, drivetrain and even braking. A Dyno helps us “the tuner” keep the power in the safe zone so the rest of the things bolted to your engine dont have to work over and above their spec.

Welcome to the tuning world.

Stage 1. Safe, reliable power and your service intervals are not effected.
If your like 99% of people who simply want a safe remap that puts a smile on your face and holds its own in the traffic light drag race, then a stage 1 is for you. Our dyno development measures the best power delivery during development, no sudden spikes etc – and we develop an advanced map for your car with the best power delivered at the right time.

Stage 2. If you are prepared to upgrade some parts then we can take your car a bit further. This is known as a Stage 2. We take your car beyond what the manufacturer recommends. Stage 2’s can take your car 10-15% more than a Stage 1 purely in the map side, but to accomodate this you may need to do some upgrades and service your car more frequently. There are a lot of bolt on upgrade options available and we are happy to offer advice on choosing the most beneficial upgrades while avoiding the ones that are not worth it.

So if you fancy a dyno run, we can arrange for your vehicle to be tested and if you like tuned on the Dyno at the same time. Call us on 01254 802126 for chat about the benefits and costs involved.

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