ECU Remapping Benefits

ECU Remapping Benefits have been known in the car circles for some time.  Now ECU remapping has grown into a mature industry and more people have had benefits from it.

The main benefit to the driver is better performance and more importantly, efficiency of their engine. The cost of high quality remapping has fallen over the last five years, because of this, it is now within the reach of most car drivers.

Over the years we have been removing the compromises built into the engine management systems by the manufacturers, to unlock ECU Remapping Benefits.

Typically, these limitations are included as a safeguard due to the use of inferior fuels. While other things like engine neglect or financial motivations just to satisfy the buying specifications of fleet buyers. As a result this ultimately involves reducing the power of the engine.

In the case of true car lovers these scenarios such as engine neglect don’t happen often. Its the same with fuel quality, its very good quality nowadays. With the help of Advanced Tuning you could soon be taking advantage of the extra power and torque currently ‘locked’ within your engine management system.

What is Remapping?

Put simply, unlocking the ECU Remapping Benefits involves re writing of your engines maps. Done within the specifications of the components, by experienced engineers.

ECU Remapping Benefits

  • Power and drive ability increases of between 20 and 40 percent.
  • Improvements in Power and Performance
  • Better power means more efficient use of your gears
  • Improved torque, which is important for towing or carrying wight
  • 100 % custom, we write the map just for your car, as a result no 2 maps are ever the same

If you’re looking to achieve increased power, more torque for towing and more efficient use of your gears then call us.

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Written by Chris Fisher
Advanced Tuning Technical Advisor