ECU Remapping Petrol Engines

ECU Remapping Petrol, namely conventionally aspirated petrol engine remaps and Turbo Petrol.

  • An increase of up to 15 percent in power on conventional engines, while in contrast
  • Turbocharged petrol engines can gain between 20 and 60%

The new F20 BMW 114i is a good example.  Fitted with virtually identical engines comparing the 116i, 118i and 120i but with different maps installed.

We can take the:-

  • 114i, 116i, 118i, 120i to a very respectable 230bhp.

How is this done

Adjustments are made to the fuel and ignition curves, camshaft timing and boost limits. This means that the levels of power and torque gained ECU remapping petrol turbocharged engines can be significant. More importantly keeping the engine within safe tolerances and therefore where our experience is essential.

If you upgrade engine parts and as a result further release potential power. More importantly of this extra gains are possible by using super unleaded.
When ECU Remapping Petrol, above all, we advise you use super unleaded for the best results.

The future of ECU Remapping Petrol cars

With the advent of cleaner emission vehicles including small turbocharged engine like the 1.0 litre types in Ford EcoBoost and 3 cylinder VW group cars. These smaller engines are surprisingly well suited to ECU remapping. This is because of gains of 30-40 bhp possible on some.

Advanced Tuning’s ECU Remapping Petrol Audis, BMWs and many other manufacturers achieves the highest performance results with no compromise on safety or function

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Written by Chris Fisher
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