ECU Remapping Problems

Not all remaps are created equal

You have landed upon this page as you are unsure about the safety of remapping and googling ECU Remapping Problems is probably a good place to start. But a common sense approach needs to be followed searching any subject on search engines with the word “problems” on the end, you are bound to find someone who has wrote something negative about virtually everything.

Remapping when performed properly shouldn’t and can’t give problems, it is quite simply the best performance increase you can add for very little cost.

We use a rolling road (Dyno) to develop our remaps. Mainly to ensure the power is applied correctly and smoothly. The most request we receive is to correct remaps that have been  “over tuned” elsewhere.

Over-tuning is when the power is sent over the top with spiky, surging power.  This doesn’t mean it makes more top end power. More often than not this makes the engines safety sensors reduce the power to save the engine.  This results in the surging and spikes as the engine pull the power. We use a rolling road during our map development. This helps us to see where these safety limits are and keep just under them.  Its clever stuff.

ECU Remapping is a highly technical and specialised trade.

  • Experience is everything. Choose an experienced company (like us).
  • Don’t buy the cheapest thinking its a bargain, its cheap for a reason.

Cheap isnt good
Good isnt cheap

  • Expensive doesn’t always mean better, we have seen big brand remaps costing £500 plus that have massively under performed.
  • Avoid the “man down the pub” or “remap on a car park” scenario, you will regret it. They are always sub standard, smoky or spiky and lead people to think that remapping is meant to be like that. Once a client experiences one of our remapped vehicles, smooth power delivery they are customers for life.

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Written by Chris Fisher
Advanced Tuning Technical Advisor
ECU Remapping Problems and Dangers
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