ECU Remapping Problems

A Remap is a Remap – Right ?

ECU Remapping Problems. You have stumbled across this page because either you are researching remapping – or you have had it done by another company and are experiencing ECU Remapping Problems yourself.

We hear the same story day in, day out. ECU Remapping Problems usually start with – “There was a man down the pub who has a mate with a cable, he was doing remaps for £100”. As with anything there is always a cheaper quality and better quality choices in life and what you choose is your prerogative. But by choosing a real, experienced company, ECU Remapping Problems can be avoided.

Its not how cheap – Its how much value it offers that counts

Advice to choose a professional company, pay a bit more and in order to get a quality remap done inevitably falls on deaf ears with this type of bargain hunter.  There is no point trying to talk them out of it. Human nature has to take its course and let them learn the hard way ending in ECU Remapping Problems.

Had the guy down the pub remap my car and now its knocking its  #*%locks off

Fixing the blunders of these cowboys is not something we enjoy. Customers crying down the phone saying they believed all remaps were the same it appeared to be a bargain. However, now the car wont start and can we perhaps help them to fix their ECU Remapping Problems?

One incident that springs to mind happened in December of 2011, I took the call quite late in the evening.  “Can you help me please, I’ve just had my car remapped by a bloke, not you guys,  and now my car is not starting”.  The customers needed his car to get to work the next day. The “so called remapper” said this is normal and the ECU just needs to reboot and it takes about an hour.  That said, the guy paid him and the cowboy remap guy left.

We went to the car and checked the file in the ECU.  Somehow the “cowboy” accidentally installed this VW Passat with a map set from a Mercedes Sprinter !  It was never going to start they are completely different systems.  Anyway, long story short we had it towed in to our workshop, where we spend some time on  it and remapped it properly.  It cost the guy 3 times the cost of our one of our remaps, all told, just to fix the mistakes made by the cowboy tuner.

But he is NOW very happy with the results and lesson learned. That said, If he had called us in the first place or any other experienced remapping company for that matter.

How to avoid ECU Remapping Problems

However, we are not here to lecture you, that is not how we roll.  But PLEASE be careful because ultimately its your car and money at the end of the day.
There are inexperienced cowboys (or gals) out there to make a quick buck at your expense. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
Don’t become another statistic with ECU Remapping Problems.

With this in mind, always buy the best quality remap you can afford. most of all, ALWAYS use a reputable company. Preferably one with premises and not some “flash and dash” mobile cowboy.

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Written by Chris Fisher
Advanced Tuning Technical Advisor
ECU Remapping Problems and Dangers