What is ECU remapping?

An ECU remap is the fine tuning of the program that deals with your engine’s performance and management.

As well as achieving greater power and torque by remapping we also deal with drivability problems that occur within lower rev ranges.

Niggles such as flat spots, turbo lag and hesitation can in most cases be eliminated completley.

The aim of remapping is to improve the engines overall performance, remove the unwanted characteristics when possible.

All this is made possible by making changes to the software that runs your engine. Usually no parts need to be “bolted on” like in the old days of car tuning to see the feelable gain.

It’s usually simple in a turbo derived vehicle to increase power but keeping it civilised requires skill and patience of the tuner. Avoiding overtuning, while fun initially doesn’t make for a pleasurable drive or help with long term reliability.

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