Only at our Accrington, Nottingham, Northampton and Essex Branches.

Our modern fully equiped tuning centres can also take care of all your cars mechanical needs. Whatever the car you drive, furthermore our trained master technicians are qualified mechanics so have all the latest skills and tools.

To dealer standard, so this means your book is all stamped up.

Brakes & Suspension
We can fit replacement disks and pads, springs and shocks to your vehicle, so making sure your vehicle STOPS as well as it GOES.

Laser wheel tracking improves handling, so helps to stop your car tyres wearing unevenly.

Quickly diagnosing a full range of things using our dealer level equipment.

General Repairs
Changing a bulb or a full engine, it good to know we have it covered.

All at prices you would approve of, call us today on 01254 802126

Customer waiting room

Customer waiting room

Visit the dedicated website for Advanced Tuning’s car maintenance division. Click here

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