Will it improve or will it get worse?… possibly both. Specific figures are impossible to estimate as no two engines or driving styles are the same. Older Petrol engines especially non turbocharged engines are not expectected to achieve any MPG gains from remapping but suprisingly we have some feedback to say otherwise.

On the flip side Diesel vehicles especally euro 3 to 4 see the greatest gain and newer more efficient engines for example euro 5 to 6, if driven gently with economy in mind may also see a noticable improvement in MPG too following our fine tuning*.

You may sense a hesitation to give any definitive figures on fuel economy increases and you would be spot on. It is not that we are as incapable as a tuning company to make this happen. More often than not our fine tuning and “know how” results in some fuel saving, but we could NEVER promise an % improvement, simply as a sales ploy to take your money unlike 90% of our inexperienced competitors, who do just that.

We simply can not put a figure on it. However tempting it is, avoid companies that claim “so many mpg more” or 20%+ increases. They are simply cant prove it.

Why not? Put simply.. The same vehicle in the hands of 2 drivers can give massively differing results. If you have a heavy foot, no amount of tuning will improve MPG, petrol or diesel and anyone who says otherwise is either inexperienced, thick or a con artist.

Advanced Tunings’ primary interest is customer satisfaction. Our calibrations are rolling road developed over days and sometimes weeks and we strive to be honest with our claims, even if we lose a job as result.

What can I do to save fuel

Factors such as incorrect tyre pressure and weight and erodynamics effect fuel consumption. So its worth checking tyre pressures regularly especially in Winter because outside temperature will effect the pressure. Remove any un-needed items from your car, it all add up to weight and that will burn extra fuel.

Weather conditions can also effect MPG. When you use more power consumers such as like air-con, heated screens and seats. Not forgetting heaters and even lights and wipers all use energy. Everything that is run off your engine uses your fuel, keep that in mind if you want to save fuel because it all adds up.

Avoiding short runs from a cold engine is probably the biggest saver. When any engine is cold they are not very efficient. Engines need more fuel to run when cold so if you must, drive gently until it reaches temperature. Turning off your in car heaters can help to reduce engine warm up times on a cold day but use your own judgement on that one.

*Based on actual customer feedback.

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