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Rolling Road Remapping Accrington

Rolling Road Remapping Accrington. Rolling Road Remapping Accrington Tuning’s Flagship Centre in Accrington, the cutting edge of remap research.

Depending on your vehicle ecu type a professional remap done on our rolling road start at £299. Based on our “leave for the day service level”. This is when you leave your vehicle in the morning and collect collect later that day. If you wish to wait, ask us for a quote for a priority service.

We have invested heavily in the best dyno on the planet, the MAHA MSR-500 as used by Porsche, VW, Mercedes and BMW and nearly every motorsport team and car manufacturer worldwide. Its a dyno that is produces accurate figures and and allows for the level of fine tuning refinement that customers expect from our maps.

Contact us on 01254 802126 or click on the vehicle icons to find your vehicle.