Audi Remapping


Audi Remapping will unlock the true potential of you car. Audi part of the VAG Group which is owned by Volkswagen. The range of engines in the Audi range are shared in other VAG group vehicles. The advantage of this shared approach makes these engines some of the most commonly remapped engines throughout the world. So this also means that these engines have the skilled attention of some of the most advanced tuning engineers in the world. The gains achieved are the result of many hours of fine tuning. You are assured of the very best in terms of performance without sacrificing reliability.

The engines range from the superb 3 cylinder engine as used in the smaller vehicles, these come in turbo and non turbo, petrol and diesel versions. Turbocharged engines, or “forced induction” respond the best to tuning. The 4 cylinder Diesel engined are very popular to remap. the 1.6, 1.9 and 2 litre versions being the most highly researched remaps available. Moving up from these smaller engines, Audi has a superb range of 6 cylinder Diesel engines. These V6 Variants started with the 2.5TDi, then as the cubic capacity increased so did the power output. the 2.7TDi, and the later 3.0TDi are some of the nicest engines ever produced by the VAG Group in our opinion

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