Skoda Remapping

Skoda Remapping? If you are of the 80’s generation Skoda was often the but of car jokes, a car to poke fun at.  Very few are aware that Skoda is one of the worlds oldest car companies, born in 1890’s making bicycles. The Czechoslovakian car manufacturer admittedly made some pretty poor cars in the 80’s, but were a force to be feared with on the rally scene with the same vehicles in the late 90’s. These older Skoda vehicles were in fact highly tuneable and made some pretty good rally cars.

As the Berlin wall fell, spelling an end to Communism, Volkswagen was chosen by the Czech government on 9 December 1990 to be one of the first private companies in Czechoslovakia.  The rest as we say, is History.

Skoda as part of the Volkswagen Group “VAG” has shook off its stigma to become a brand of quality and frugality. Pitched as the VW Groups budget brand, the solid under pinnings and engine range shared with all cars in the VAG range, means there is very little between these and the other brands in the group such as SEAT and Audi.

Skoda Remapping is a worthwhile investment and will make an already brilliant car even better.

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