Mercedes E220 CDI 177 hp Remapping

Your custom written remap is designed to improve how the engine performs.
The Benefits of a Custom Remap:
• Increased Horsepower
• Increased Torque
• Sharper Throttle Response
• Faster Acceleration
• Smoother Power Delivery
• Eliminated Flat Spots
• Improved Fuel Efficiency (Diesel)
• Safer Overtaking

Please check the performance data to the right for your vehicle

All remaps are developed in house by our very own tuning team at our head office in Lancashire. Every map we create is unique to your car and the data we use has been fully tested and developed on our MAHA MSR500 Rolling Road Dyno to ensure the map we install on your car is controlled and doesn’t over-stress your car. We are Approved and accredited by Motor Codes who are the leading industry regulator meaning both you and your car in very good hands. Safe, Reliable Power gains are our primary focus.

Please Note: We pride ourselves in the broad knowledge and experience of our tuning team. Backed by our nationwide network of experienced engineers so you’re never that far away from an Advanced Tuning dealer. Call 01254 393700 today to find your nearest dealer

Tuning Data

Factory Standard tuning compared against
Advanced Tuning ECU Remap

Power/Torque Before ECU Remap After ECU Remap
Power (hp) 177 bhp 212 bhp
Torque (NM) 420 nm 480 nm



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