New VAG 1.9TDi Launch Control


We are pleased to announce the development of Launch Control for VAG based 1.9TDi PD Engines.

Getting the power to the tarmac on these vehicles has up to now been the reserve of skilled drivers.

Not any more. Enabling launch control on car, means that that till 4-6 KM/H the RPM is limited to 2500-2750rpm. So basically it will control the amount of power on to the wheels until perfect traction is achieved, once the pre determined speed is reached the RPM Limiter will automatically move to normal to RPM and maximum power is passed into wheels.

  • Audi – Bosch EDC15P, EDC15V
  • Ford – Bosch EDC15P
  • Seat – Bosch EDC15P, EDC15V
  • Skoda – Bosch EDC15P, EDC15V
  • VW – Bosch EDC15P, EDC15V

Ask our customer service advisers about adding this exciting new mod to your PD remap.

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