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Out of the box this Fiesta St claims to make 180hp and we have no reason to doubt that.

Stock induction rarely breaks any records and is often the cheapest power gains whatever the car.

It makes perfect sense that without air or put to another way with a restricted air intake the car is not going to make good power.
We did some research and got in contact with Ford Performance Specialists  Auto Specialists and got hold of their Fiesta ST custom made induction kit. The kit looks well engineered and consists of a 45 degree pipe which bolts to the slam panel and the MAF sensor fits neatly into the hole provided. A K&N Cone filter then attaches to the induction pipe.
It’s a very neat looking kit, but how easy is to fit and more importantly how does it perform.
The stock airbox on the ST was easy to remove.* Step 1* loosen the jubilee clip on the hose Step 2 unclip the cold air duct from the slam panel, and remove the MAF sensor.  Step 3 the box lifts out from rubber mount grommets. As you can see from the picture the stock box has a huge air void below the filter panel, only ford know why they thought this would be a good idea.

Fitting the Auto Specialist induction kit is very simple, in fact it took only a few minutes and it was time to take for a test drive.
The first thing I noticed was the sound. You can really hear the air being sucked in and when you let off your foot, you and everyone for a few blocks hears “Kattushhhh” as the fords stock diverter valve dumps boost.  It sounds great….But does it perform ! In a word “yes” the power delivery is much more linear and it no longer feels like its holding back.  The kit is excellent quality and good value at less than £150 and makes a massive difference to throttle response and sound of the car.
Our view is Highly recommended  8 out of 10
Next we fit the Airtech FMIC kit, that’s the next stage.. Stay tuned

fiesta tunng

stock box


Fiesta Remapping

Huge and very restricted


Ford tuning

New filter fixed in to place


Ford performance remap

insert MAF sensor and its done


Fiesta ST Remapping

All done !

Chris Fisher

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