“News” Accrington’s New Rolling Road Dyno

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If you are looking for a Remap and Rolling Road then why not make a day of it and visit us at either our New Accrington HQ. We have just installed a brand new MAHA rolling road MSR-500 which is the seen as the best and most accurate rolling road on the planet. This is an invaluable tool for us, as unlike other dyno’s the MAHA can accurately measure the power loss created by the gearbox.  In short, the wheel figures calculated by the MAHA don’t lie meaning we can fine tune your engine with a higher degree of accuracy. These MAHA dynos are used for map development by nearly every car manufacturer in the world such as VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar to name but a few.

When you have a remap and MAHA rolling road with us you will receive :-

  • A complimentary Diagnostic Scan and inspection.
  • 2 x Power Runs before the Remap (To check your car still is producing stock power)
  • A Custom Remap written on site, based on the actual live data from your car on the dyno
  • A USB memory stick containing a full HD video of you car on the Dyno during the Remap, with photos and your dyno plots in PDF format to help you remember your day with us.

Contact us on 01254 802126 to book

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