Engine Diagnostics

Visit the Diagnostics Specialists and we will help you to diagnose the faults on your car, in no time at all !

We charge £49 to read and clear the fault codes on your vehicle

Q. What are “Engine Diagnostics ?”

A. This is a way for modern cars to tell us what is wrong with them. Since around 2001 cars have been fitted with ECU’s that continuously monitor the the health of the engine and other systems on the car.  It is not uncommon for a car to have up to eight individual computers running different systems

Q. My cars out of warranty now and I no longer want to pay dealer prices  but I would still like the dealer updates for peace of mind ?

A.Our rate of £49 is far less than what the dealers charge.

Q. What does it involve ?

A. Diagnostics only involves checks to see if there are any faults logged that could pinpoint a problem, combined with individual component tests to find the source of the problem.

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