Frequently Asked Questions

Do I to come to you to have it done?

We have dealers covering locations all over the UK. If you don’t see your location covered in our listed areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do I need to inform my insurance company?

We would never advise anyone not to inform their insurance company. However our ECU remapping processes are undetectable by virtually all dealer diagnostic equipment. Furthermore over 90 percent of insurance companies won’t add an extra premium so the decision is entirely at your discretion.

If I have specific requirements can you help?

We tailor our ECU remapping to suit individual engines and in most cases we can remap your car to suit a specific driving style or need. Whether this is more torque for towing purposes, more power for off-road use.

How long will it take to carry out?

To complete, the ECU remapping process should take no more than one hour for remapping through the diagnostic port. To be absolutely sure, please allow up to two hours for the work to be completed in full.

My car has an automatic gearbox

We can still remap your vehicle even though it has an automatic gearbox. It does not affect the process, the time it takes or the end result.

My car is high mileage?

High mileage makes no difference providing the engine and its components are in good mechanical condition.

Is ECU remapping reversible?

ECU remapping is totally reversible. at any time you desire – we maintain a copy of your original vehicle map on our secure database. What’s more, Advanced Tuning’s experienced technicians will be happy to carry out the work required to restore your vehicle to its original settings and back to remapped for a reasonable charge.

Are there any hidden charges or costs?

Absolutely not. The price that you are quoted on the day of your booking is the price you’ll pay for your remap.

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