speed limiters for vans and cars

Speed Limiters for Vans and Cars

We can set speed limiters for virtually any road vehicle which is not subject to legal speed restriction from £199+VAT

Speed limiters for limiting the speed of a van or car not only reduces the risk of speed related incidents. We take on speed limitation projects for individual vehicles to 50+ fleets

The faster you go the more fuel you burn
This is even more apparent in light commercials, where aerodynamics are generally not much better than a parachute over 70mph.

We can limit the speed of cars and vans for individuals too not just companies.

What are the Pros and Cons ?


  • Companies find it reduces corporate liability and is good PR to have a limited to 70mpg sticker on the back of vehicles.
  • Some negotiate cheaper insurance rates.
  • Fewer engine breakdowns and consumables like brakes and tyres last much longer.
  • Key staff reduce the risk of points and license loss and potential job loss.
  • Significant fuel savings.

None as we know of, Please feel free to let us know.

Why ?
As an experiment we limited our whole fleet to 70mph and in 12 months we have saved 26% in fuel which is a very significant result.

Fitting prices start from £149.

It is Illegal to remove or seek to remove speed limiters from a minibus 10 seats or over (including driver) produced after 2001, even if used for SDP only.

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