Powergate 3 from Advanced Tuning

PowerGate3 from Advanced Tuning

Personal flashers have been around for some time now. Starting with the Bluefin and PowerGate 2, it was easy to flash a remap on to their car and back to stock in a matter of minutes. This is particularly handy, because you may decide to return the ECU to standard before taking to the main dealer.

The Advanced Tuning Personal Flasher is the ultimate tool at your fingertips. PowerGate3 Personal Flasher allows the user to read and write maps without the need of any additional equipment.

A custom Avanced Tuning map delivered to your door

The Advanced Tuning Powergate 3 works just like any other personal flasher, except for a few unique features. It can store multiple maps and has a built in OBD fault code reader, this means you can help clear unwanted fault codes before mapping.

Every Powergate 3 comes with 1 fully customised map included with the purchase.  So you read your original file from the car and email it to us. Our mapping team will write a personalised map just for your car.

The Advanced Tuning Powergate 3 is full of features which include:-

  • Small and compact, fits in the. palm of your hand.
  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Connect to your PC with USB to manage your maps
  • Switch between Stock and Modified in Minutes, ANYTIME – ANYWHERE.
  • Your Original and Modified files are stored “Safe and Sound”.
  • Stores 4 Maps and your original, therefor you can have 4 versions at the click of a button
  • Includes a built in trouble code reader to check and clear diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Future proof, It can be re-used on your all your future vehicles*.

Special offer £399
Including 1 custom map file.

Call 01254 802126 to order

* meaning, you need to return the current vehicle to stock before you can select a different make or model.
PC running windows 7 or later required.

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