Nissan Navara DPF Removal Review



Nissan Navara DPF Removal Review

I love my 2008 Nissan Navara, it has served me well through 80 thousand miles.

Problems started 6 months ago and the DPF light came on. I looked it up on the net and realised I was not the only person with this problem.

This got me worried it was going to be costly because I had read of other Navara owners spending a fortune to try and solve the problem.  But reading further into these posts they spent loads on fixes that didn’t work like fuel additives, and forced regenerations.

I was not going to be over spending. I read a review from another Navara owner who’s last post said he visited Advanced Tuning as a last hope after spending £3000 at the dealers getting a new filter fitted and it only lasted 2 months, the dealer didn’t want to know. No way I was spending that but Advanced Tuning Solved the problem for him.

So I spoke to Chris at Advanced Tuning who explained he only uses the new latest  Gen7 DPF off remaps for the Navara, they are covered by the lifetime guarantee, no one else can offer this guarantee with the old DPF software, because it needed a regular reset. It was a no brainer for me so I booked in to Blackburn. My Navara DPF was so bad it wasn’t revving up but Chris gave me confidence everything would be OK.

I just wanted to say don’t wast £1000’s on cheap fixes that don’t work or bulls**t solutions from backstreet remapping companies, contact Advanced tuning and get it sorted once and for all GEN7 DPF off software is brilliant and highly recommend it – I’ve got my MPG is back up there. Oh and Advanced Tuning are very good too, thanks guys 🙂

Nigel Brown
Builder – Wigan


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