Nissan X-trail DPF Delete Review

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Nissan X-trail DPF Delete Review

After searching around for the net for a company to solve my ongoing Nissan X-trail DPF ‘Trial’ I was suprised to discover the difference of advice between company to company.

Other companies said its not possible to do DPF Delete on the X-trail, others said they can do it but no guarantees.

You were the only company that said you can do it and guarantee it doing over 100 DPF deletes a month on all makes of cars, so I was, to be fair sceptical to say the least.

Well 6 months on and I am delighted and that I trusted my X-trail to you guys, the car has never been better and the DPF problem that caused me sleepless night and worry are a distant memory.

I have no hesitation in using you again in the future, its a quality service and very professional.

Dr. B. Wilson

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