Volvo D5 Remapping Review

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Volvo D5 Remapping Review

Thanks for remapping my 2005 Volvo V70 D5 Id been turned away by other tuning companies who said it couldn’t be done..

After speaking with your technician Chris, he informed me its not an ‘OBD job’ as with many Volvo cars and you need a special tool to tune these ECU’s so they are out of the scope of many less equipped or experienced tuners.

I have to admit this made me a little sceptical, but I pushed on and Chris arrived on a sunny Saturday, unlocked my ECU in seconds and remapped it in front of my eyes. After I saw Chris at work it was clear he had done this before, many times before and I felt very relaxed and reassured about the whole experience.

After the remap, the difference was profound and immediate, the car is a heavy car, but it pulled strongly, and very very smooth.  Which was surprising at first but it did feel good i have to say. Chris again assured me,  the car is tuned well within the specs of the components and if you dont know what you are doing you can end up with an unreliable car and that he would never overtune an engine just to win a job on the “my tuner said he can get 10hp more” scale.

Summing up My V70 D5 is brilliant, and im getting 65mpg on a run up 8mpg which for a car with 100k on the clock is fantastic..

Many thanks and I will be recommending Advanced Tuning at every opportunity.

Mick Ainsworth


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